Steve Bannon wars with White House ‘Javanka’

Steve Bannon wars with White House ‘Javanka’, by Boer Deng.

US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law is a political lightweight responsible for the worst decisions the administration has made and his daughter is the biggest source of embarrassing leaks, according to adviser Steve Bannon.

In an extraordinary interview that revealed the scale of infighting around the President, the former White House chief strategist claimed that Jared Kushner risked destroying the administration through his bad advice. …

Mr Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump, who was described as “the queen of leaks” while the couple — whom he dubbed “Javanka” — led a faction in the West Wing that Mr Bannon described as a cabal of “Democrats” who were undermining the President.

“The railhead of all bad decisions is the same railhead: Javanka,” Mr Bannon told Vanity Fair as he accused Mr Kushner, 36, of being naive and exposing the administration by holding meetings with figures linked to Moscow during the campaign. Allegations of collusion are under investigation.

“He’s taking meetings with Russians to get additional stuff. This tells you everything about Jared,” he said. “They were looking for the picture of Hillary Clinton taking the bag of cash from [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. That’s his maturity level.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil