Ontario Human Rights Tribunal: “buy only from Muslims” is not discriminatory

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal: “buy only from Muslims” is not discriminatory, by CRRNS.

In a December 11, 2017 letter, [Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO)] informed the complainant Eric Stanley Brazau that “a review of the Application and the narrative setting out the incidents of alleged discrimination falls to identify any specific acts of discrimination within the meaning of the Code allegedly committed by the respondent(s)”. HRTO further informed Brazau that his Application “does not appear to allege discrimination with respect to any of the social areas identified in the Code (services, goods and facilities; accommodations (housing); contracts; employment; membership in vocational associations).

Brazau filed a complaint based on statements made by Imam Said Rageah at Abu Huraira Centre in Toronto, which he urged Muslims to hire only Muslims and do business only with Muslims.

Rageah, who was born in Somalia and moved to North America in the late 80’s, holds a Bachelor degree in Islamic studies and a Masters degree in Sharia Law. …

In a sermon uploaded to YouTube on February 8, 2009, Rageah called on Canadian Muslims to unite and translate their demography into a political and economic power which will enable Muslims to implement Sharia Law in their communities and change Canada’s foreign policy.

Not “discriminatory”? There’s that PC word-smithing and brazen assertion at play again. In practice all the favored identity groups are allowed to discriminate — including women and gays. Just white straight Christian males are not allowed to discriminate.

Christine Douglass-Williams:

We all know that an open call to “buy from whites” or “buy from Jews only” would be a matter for concern and deemed to be shockingly “racist” and “intolerant” … If a drive were begun to boycott Muslim products in a defensive action against Imam Rageah, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario would likely deem it discriminatory without hesitation …

Clearly the HRTO is uncomfortable dealing with this clear-cut case of discrimination, wanting not to appear “racist,” “Islamophobic,” “xenophobic,” opposed to “diversity” and other such labels that simply do not apply to opposition to the discrimination openly called for by Muslim leaders.

Summary: The HRTO is PC.

hat-tip Stephen Neil