Flinders Street Rampage: Car Rams Pedestrians in Melbourne, Police Confirm it was Deliberate, Refugee Driver from Afghanistan talked of ‘Muslim mistreatment’,

Flinders Street Rampage: Car Rams Pedestrians in Melbourne, Police Confirm it was Deliberate, Refugee Driver from Afghanistan talked of ‘Muslim mistreatment’, by Paul Maley, Rosie Lewis, Tessa Akerman.

A white ­Suzuki Grand Vitara four-wheel-drive ploughed into pedestrians crossing Flinders Street, at the ­Elizabeth Street intersection, in the heart of Melbourne.

Four people remain in a critical condition, while 15 were listed last night as stable, police said.

The attack happened at 4.41pm yesterday [Thursday] (AEDT) as ­Melbourne’s streets were teeming with Christmas shoppers and commuters.

Witnesses, who had watched with horror as the driver of the car sped up as he approached the crowd, described a scene strewn with ­bodies. “As it approached this intersection … it just mowed everybody down, people were flying everywhere,” witness Sue told radio ­station 3AW.

“All you could hear was just ‘bang bang bang bang bang’.” …

The driver is receiving treatment for injuries suffered when police dragged him from the car and handcuffed him. …

According to some witness ­reports the driver reached speeds of between 60 and 100km/h as he hit the pedestrians.

The Australian has been told that the driver of the car had a long history of methylamphetamine addiction and mental illness. Police said last night the man did not have any known ­extremist links and was not known to ­counter-terrorism police.

Bearded Muslim, military-age male.

The driver of the car involved in the Melbourne attack has allegedly attributed his act to the “perceived mistreatment of Muslims” among other “utterances”.

Victoria’s acting police chief, Shane Patton, said this morning that while police had not yet formally interviewed the 32-year-old Melbourne man, he had made “utterances about hearing voices, dreams” and also attributed his actions to the “perceived mistreatment of Muslims,” while being treated in hospital. …

The driver of the car involved in yesterday’s attack arrived in Australia in 2004. Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton this morning said the driver was of Afghan descent and is an Australian citizen. …

Like this will help:

Seriously mentally ill people could have their drivers licences reviewed after a man used a car to plough through pedestrians in Melbourne. But Victoria has ruled out plans to use bollards to protect tram routes because it could make spaces more dangerous and halt the public transport network. …

I heard about this on the ABC radio news last night, driving home. The ABC stressed that the motivations were unknown, and won’t tell us the name of the culprit or describe him. Could have been anyone.

The question and obvious answer is on everyone’s mind: another Muslim attack? Yep.

What liars they are at the ABC. Car attacks in cities are a new thing. There have been several of these attacks around the world now. Every time, they have been Islamic terrorism, and ISIS recommends them. Read the Koran. It is a supremacist, totalitarian, political ideology with a 1,400 year history of using violence against non-Muslims, which is sanctioned by the religion’s founder and their holy book. The goal is to make non-Muslims submit. Indeed, the word “Islam” means “submission’.

This is what denial looks like. Are the ABC afraid that the pro-immigration, pro-Muslim campaign that they have been running for the last few decades might be seriously deluded? Has put us all in danger? Has created an unspeakable problem? How long can they continue to deny the obvious? Too many of us know now. Our elites are seriously deluded, and denial is not helping.

The official line is not credible: “An Australian with Afghan heritage. Mental health. Not terrorism.”

Philip Barton writes:

They are making ‘mental health problem’ a synonym for a Muslim. Pretty spot on IMO.

Another reader:

Oh PLEASE. Please get rid of this atrocious Western establishment.

Another reader, in the US, sees through our officials:

I saw that your authorities came to the conclusion that this was not terrorism. They seemed a little quick in pulling the trigger on that one. I understand he was Afghan.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Charles, Philip, others