Chinese warnings of consumer-led boycott over worsening relations

Chinese warnings of consumer-led boycott over worsening relations, by Geoff Chambers.

Chinese officials have warned of a consumer-led boycott of ­Aus­tralian products following the breakdown in relations ­between the two countries, ­fuelled by Malcolm Turnbull’s foreign interference laws and pushback against ­Chinese influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Australian understands there have been talks in China about indirectly pulling economic levers — potentially targeting consumer products, tourism and education — that could threaten Australian industry and businesses.

The Chinese warning, which would mirror a boycott of products imported from The Philippines after the countries fell out over South China Sea sovereignty claims, was levelled at Australia in the wake of deteriorating diplomatic relations between Beijing and Canberra. …

During a series of forums in China last week, Chinese officials and government-aligned think tanks suggested there was a growing perception of Australians being racist and irresponsible.

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