Grumpy Old Men Complain That Today’s Youth Are Uniquely Ignorant Due to Social Media

Grumpy Old Men Complain That Today’s Youth Are Uniquely Ignorant Due to Social Media, by Bob and Philip.

A solicitor who defends rape cases was on the radio today whilst I was driving and talking about two high profile cases here where the police have failed to pass key information to the defence. It sounds accidental, but one trial was halted and the defendant cleared and the other one didn’t start as there was no chance of the allegations being proven. Both involved communications, texts or other things, where the accuser confirmed that they had had consensual sex with the defendant and the police didn’t pass on the information.

He commented that almost each time he takes a new case that there is a new techie way for youngsters to communicate and how hard it is to keep up. He also noted how much of what the kids do in their lives is openly shared on social media. …

There does not seem anything wrong with a faster way to communicate as in Facebook and Instagram etc. The problem, in my mind, is that it is to the exclusion of all other communication — including books.

Almost all young people that I have contact with (I employ about 20 in a high turnover industry, so I talk with a lot of them – mostly university students). They don’t read anything — zero — other than what is on social media.

They have as much interest in history and the great thinkers of our civilizations as I have in Facebook and Instagram. They are doomed to a life of triviality and ignorance. The aggregate of that is a tragedy for the future of our civilization.