Cultural Marxism’s war on freedom

Cultural Marxism’s war on freedom, by Mark Powell.

One of the things that characterise Left-leaning journalists is their Cultural Marxism. And one of the chief ways in which this expresses itself is in their hostility towards anyone who is religious, and especially those who identify as being Christian.

It’s as if the cultural Marxists had their own religion, a self-made movement worshiping the environment and their own creators. Are not PC beliefs simply untrue nostrums that you must believe to belong to the left-wing church? If you don’t show deference to a PC belief, you get told off and excommunicated pretty fast by the cultural Marxists.

Just take, for example, the recent article, “Why extend the church’s ‘freedom’ when it’s abused what it already has?” by Richard Ackland, who argues that people of faith shouldn’t have their religious freedoms extended.

Ackland’s main beef against people with a religious faith is as follows:

When you consider the hateful, cruel, bitter and downright false contribution of some religious voices during the recent same-sex postal survey, why would anyone want to give these institutions more open-ended ‘freedoms’?

Significantly, Ackland doesn’t give a single hyperlink or example as to what any of these “hateful, cruel, bitter and downright false contribution(s) of some religious voices” might be. However, in what has been referred to as, “Love’s Hall of Shame,” there are plenty of ‘contributions’ in regards to each of these things from the ‘Yes’ campaign.

Ackland quickly mentions, but then dismisses, the most recent example of hate-speech, which ironically, came from none other than proponents of the ‘Yes’ campaign on the very day that marriage was re-defined stating, “Miranda Devine is unhappy because people are being mean to Shelton with uplifting social media messages such as “Eat shit Lyle”.” What Ackland doesn’t tell you though, is that two of the major proponents were Fairfax journalists, Clementine Ford and Benjamin Law – yes, the very same person who said that he would like to “hate fu-k” a number of heterosexual politicians. …

In regards to false reporting, remember the “Stop the Fags” posters in Melbourne that even Bill Shorten said on Q&A he had “personally witnessed”? Rather embarrassingly for the opposition leader, the ABC’s own Media Watch proved that no one had actually seen them. And yet, that didn’t stop Channel Ten from ‘creatively’ doctoring photos of bus shelters in Europe to make it look like they had been plastered all over Melbourne. Even more serious though was the false report made to police by Jessica Payne, who stated that, “I suffered an injury because people drove their cars nearly at full speed into the yes campaigners here today.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil