Wild gang brawl sees teens bashed by African gang in St Kilda

Wild gang brawl sees teens bashed by African gang in St Kilda, by Olivia Caisley.

A large gang of youths has allegedly bashed and robbed tourists in a wild brawl at Melbourne’s St Kilda Beach.

Police said they struggled to contain the violent situation on the St Kilda foreshore as young people of African appearance, allegedly robbed and assaulted beachgoers on Wednesday night.

Witnesses say there were hundreds of youths and police struggled to contain the violence.

“The police officers handled it the best they could but they were really outnumbered and struggled to get a hold on it,” witness Greg Robinson told Seven News. …

“These guys are so clever the way they do it (the robberies), that it just sort of looks like a couple of teenagers having a bit of fun.”

The gang then went to St Kilda McDonald’s, where they threw furniture, smashed windows and continued to fight inside the restaurant.

Diversity is good, right? Who could have seen this coming? All races have the same statistical properties, and all immigrants have an equal probability of becoming productive, law abiding citizens that the rest of us will want to befriend? That’s what our PC elite tell us…

Whatever happened to our high-trust society? Fifty years ago most Australians didn’t even lock their houses.

And it’s not like the first time things like this have happened in St Kilda:

Andrew Bolt adds:

Before that was the Moomba riot as well as mass brawls at several Sudanese beauty pageants.

Then there’s the extraordinary crime rate:

Police statistics show the Sudanese-born are 128 times more likely than other Victorians to commit violent robberies, and 68 times more likely to commit home invasions.

Ten more recent attacks in and around Melbourne over the past month:

1-3: Three attacks around Springvale Station, one leaving the victim with a broken jaw

4: Violent Noble Park mugging

5: CBD mugging

6 & 7: Two ‘similar’ violent CBD attacks

8 & 9: Attacks at Southbank

10: An alleged murder

This is a refugee program that has gone seriously wrong.