Australian students beguiled by allure of the cultural left

Australian students beguiled by allure of the cultural left, by Kevin Donnelly.

Those doubting whether Australia’s education system has been captured by the cultural left need look no further than the results of the 2016 Years 6 and 10 civics and citizenship survey.

Given the politically correct nature of state and territory curriculums, it should not be surprising that students exhibit a strong cultural-left view of social issues and social movements.

In the report detailing students’ responses, released today, the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority quite happily boasts “it is heartening to note that the percentages of students demonstrating positive attitudes towards Australian indigenous culture and Australian diversity have increased significantly since 2010”.

In addition to strongly supporting “the cultural traditions and languages of indigenous cultures”, the ACARA report notes that students believe “immigrants should be encouraged to keep their cultural traditions and languages”, plus “all Australians should learn about different cultures and traditions at school”. …

The fact boys are generally outperformed by girls in the civics survey, as they are in reading and writing, and performance in Year 12 examinations, also proves how effective the feminist movement has been in taking control of the curriculum.

hat-tip Stephen Neil