Mass Islamic immigration: We should be controlling who is allowed in

Mass Islamic immigration: We should be controlling who is allowed in, by Shazia Hobbs.

You know mass immigration is an important issue because you aren’t allowed to talk about it, you get called names if you do talk about it, and those in favour of it will never back down no matter what facts you give them or how rational your arguments.

Talking about Islam is virtually impossible, talking about immigration is virtually impossible and so talking specifically about mass Islamic immigration is something of a suicide mission. A frank discussion of mass Islamic immigration is absolutely guaranteed to generate smears of racist, fascist and bigot in order to silence that discussion. The reason this tactic is employed so often is very simple: because it really works. Europeans have been successfully denied a discussion of immigration for decades. …

There will be few people who have not heard by now of the term FGM – female genital mutilation – where girls as young as two and three years old are forcibly held down to have their vaginas mutilated, their clitoris sliced off and labia sewn shut, allowing only a tiny hole for them to urinate and bleed from. This barbaric practice is carried out purely to destroy a female’s sexuality and to ensure she gets no sexual pleasure, and so once again a new law has been passed and it is now a crime to carry out FGM. Even though we know it happens, even though we hear stories from survivors of this cruelty nobody has been successfully prosecuted. Not one single person. The fear of being labelled racist for not understanding people’s cultures is always stronger than the desire to protect those who are at risk from being mutilated.

There is another “tradition” that is only now coming to light that few people in the UK will have heard of, which is called “breast ironing”. It is as horrendous as it sounds. It is another barbaric way of controlling females: their breasts are ironed to stop them growing, or sometimes they are cut off completely. Those that carry out this evil say it is to protect the girls from being raped. Perhaps we should also remove young girls’ eyes in case they go blind one day.

Britain is now aware of the Muslim grooming gangs who have been allowed to rape young underage girls with de facto legal impunity. In the majority of these cases the perpetrators are of Pakistani origin, or to be precise men from a Mirpuri background, and recently we have also heard of gangs of Somalian men who have also been convicted of these horrific crimes. The names Rochdale, Bradford, Oxford, Rotherham and Aylesbury have become destinations on a dystopian Monopoly board of towns that have suffered a perfect storm of Islam, rape, political correctness, appeasement and cover up. Vulnerable, underage girls being raped by multiple men while those responsible looked the other way for fear of being labelled racist. These are the towns and cities in the UK we have heard about and no doubt that there will be many more.

hat-tip Stephen Neil