ADF: the Australian Defence Farce

ADF: the Australian Defence Farce, by Mark Powell.

If you still have any uncertainty as to whether or not the Australian Defence Force has been ideologically hijacked by the Left, then just consider the following. Captain Sally Williamson was recently reported making the ludicrous suggestion that, “Prostitutes should be sent to the front line to ‘service’ Australia’s combat soldiers and help them relieve stress.” She also wrote that if the front line was too dangerous for prostitutes, troops could be given sex toys instead.” …

Andrew Hastie MP was previously an SAS commander.

I recently contacted Andrew Hastie, the Liberal Member for Canning, and I asked him what his thoughts on Williamson’s suggestions were, especially seeing that he had served as a SAS troop commander who had personally experienced the stresses of armed conflict. His immediate response?

Ridiculous. I experienced stress relief when the bad guys died on the battlefield.

He went on to say:

The prevailing culture of the Australian Defence Force should be centred on the delivery of lethal force against those who want to undermine Australian security. Everything else must be secondary to this purpose. All policy must be measured by this aim. The idea that we should provide masturbatory facilities for deployed troops is nothing but an academic thought-bubble that has no real appreciation of the crucible of war.

Hastie then relayed to me – from memory – a quote by Ernest Hemingway which, he had mentioned in his maiden parliamentary speech, and said continued to be especially pertinent:

I have seen much war in my lifetime and I hate it profoundly. But there are worse things than war, and all of them come with defeat. …

The reason why this has become such a focus for the Left is because our military personnel function as a ‘warrior class’ to protect our nation. As such, they have the respect, support and admiration of the entire country. Therefore, to infiltrate their ranks and push any alternative social agenda is an attempt not to improve their role but to give something else a certain social legitimacy. The problem is that our Defence Forces should be above all this. They are there to defend our freedoms, rather than to be a vehicle to re-define them. …

What is required of our military, and in particular our officers, is the self-discipline to master their physical and emotional desires in the pursuit of a specified objective, namely, the protection of our nation through lethal force, if necessary. This task requires them to be people of conscience and superior morality. Thus, the idea that they should supervise and manage the release of stress through promiscuous forms of sexual conduct of their troops is frankly, objectionable. Hence, the presence of sex workers on the field of battle is a profoundly retrograde and demoralising idea.

The enemy doesn’t care if we have “gender quotas.” Indeed, people can, and will, potentially have their lives and relationships put at risk due to the stupidity of suggestions like this.