Vandal who left bacon inside mosque gets 15 years in prison

Vandal who left bacon inside mosque gets 15 years in prison, by AP.

A man who vandalized a Central Florida mosque by smashing windows and lights with a machete and leaving bacon at the scene pleaded guilty to criminal mischief to a place of worship.

The state attorney’s office serving Brevard and Seminole counties said Michael Wolfe was sentenced to 15 years in prison followed by 15 years of probation after he pleaded guilty Tuesday. The sentence had a hate crime enhancement. …

A surveillance video showed him smashing lights, cameras and windows with a machete.

15 years seems excessive. It shows what our elites regard as true crime — not the assaults and even murders that attract lesser sentences, but violating the current PC dictum of “be nice to Muslims.” No one was hurt here — just some current PC mascots had their feelings hurt. Typical intellectual mistake, to think that hurt feelings are so much worse than broken bodies.

Can you imagine someone from Black Lives Matter even being sent to prison for committing a crime of a similar nature against white cops?

hat-tip Stephen Neil