Protesters arrested after clashes with police, fans at Milo Yiannopoulos’ Sydney event

Protesters arrested after clashes with police, fans at Milo Yiannopoulos’ Sydney event, by Dominica Sands.

Seven protesters have been arrested after clashing with police and fans of controversial British commentator Milo Yiannopoulos at his secret Sydney event.

The protesters were later charged with offences including breach of the peace, assault police, hinder police, affray and failing to comply, a police spokeswoman said. …

The venue wasn’t revealed until an hour before the event was scheduled to start and the surrounding streets were all closed off in the hours leading up to his scheduled speech.

The rally became violent as some protesters tried to break through police surrounding the venue and refused to listen to officers who ordered them to move off the street. …

Fans of the controversial commentator were heckled by protesters as they entered the venue, with police having to stand between the two groups.

Earlier on Tuesday, Yiannopoulos attended a Q&A session at Parliament House.

He was heckled as he entered the packed room of fans, journalists and the morbidly curious in Canberra, but there were no security issues.

See those protestors in the top video? Can you imagine any circumstances under which they would listen to or accept even the most basic facts about Islam?

They scream and shout to prevent any honest conversation because, as on so many other issues, the left would lose any real debate hands down. A real conversation would involve others being able to freely present facts. The left has to prevent that, or else they lose.

The left’s PC ideas are only competitive in political debate because they cheat. They use their control of the media and bureaucracy, and increasingly violence, to shut up anyone who disagrees and prevent inconvenient facts from being publicly aired.

Yes, reality will win out eventually. But in the meantime lefties grab all the goodies and money for themselves, and cause great harm by inflicting their PC ideas on society.