Milo’s mission to save Australia

Milo’s mission to save Australia, by Andrew Urban.

So what does Milo say or do on stage that so threatens his vitriolic critics?

Basically, he up-ends their cultural comfort by ripping it apart with a wicked grin. Hot-spot seeking laughter and ridicule are his weapons. As a half-Jewish gay right winger with a black husband, he is Teflon coated against any of the friction usually felt by right of centre white males. He is well informed and well read. He is also razor sharp. And bold with it.

Who else would dare put down Vegemite as inferior to Marmite, live on stage in Australia? Who else would dismiss Aboriginal art as shit? He was quick to point out, too, that the boos he got for disparaging Vegemite were louder than the boos he got for disparaging Aboriginal art. For good measure, he threw in a jibe about the failure of the millennia of Aboriginal society to have invented the wheel. …

He emphasised what his mission is on his Australian tour: “I want to save Australia from the cultural damage done by the left because that is the future that the UK and the US are hurling themselves into.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil