Top Hillary Clinton Aides Faced No Charges for False Statements to FBI Agent Peter Strzok

Top Hillary Clinton Aides Faced No Charges for False Statements to FBI Agent Peter Strzok, by Adam Shaw.

FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was dismissed from FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe for sending anti-Trump texts, conducted interviews with two top Hillary Clinton aides — who did not face consequences for reportedly making misleading statements during the interviews. …

Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin were interviewed by Strzok and said they were not aware of Clinton’s use of a private email server until after Clinton left the State Department. …

Abedin also denied knowing about the server until 2013, but those denials were contradicted by email exchanges in which both aides discuss the Clinton server. In a 2010 email, Mills asks Abedin and another aide if the “server [is] ok?” after Clinton’s emails apparently went down. They were also included in an August 2011 email wherein a State Department official told them that Clinton’s “email server is down.”

The FBI’s Strzok is yet another leftie perverting the public administration:

News outlets reported over the weekend that Strzok had been dismissed by Mueller after the discovery of the anti-Trump texts — texts which are yet to have been made public. Since that revelation, more information has surfaced about Strzok’s role in the Russian probe and also the Hillary Clinton email probe.

CNN reported Monday that Strzok not only led the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state but was also partly behind the change in Comey’s draft language in his July 2016 statement clearing Clinton.

Strzok was reportedly behind a crucial change in language describing Clinton’s behavior from “grossly negligent” to the less legally problematic “extremely careless.”

General Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI, but the Clinton associates get a pass.

The left has the media and the bureaucracy on its side, and still loses elections half the time. Must have great and popular policies.

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