Historical Ignorance and Moral Arrogance from the Millennials

Historical Ignorance and Moral Arrogance from the Millennials, by Marc Barnes.

My generation tends to think of itself as the first generation to be moral, tolerant, decent, and good. We abhor racism, sexism, nationalism, and homophobia, crimes we set at the center of past societies — all of them. We have avoided the bloody vices of slavery, torture, pillaging, religious fanaticism, and witch-burning. History, to us, is a record of moral inferiority. …

But we take too much credit for the progress.  … We have been patting ourselves on the back for resisting the urge to burn a witch; a witch-burning generation may as well pat itself on the back for avoiding the atom bomb.

This vilification of the past to aggrandize the present only obscures the past. …

Indeed, much obscuring of the past has been going on. A leftist education takes half a lifetime to undo. Ah, the vanities of the progressives:

It is easy and flattering to detach ourselves from an unfathomable, bloody history and to consider ourselves as the peak of ethical progress.

hat-tip Stephen Neil