Discovery of FBI Official’s Political Bias Clouds Hillary Clinton and Mike Flynn Investigations

Discovery of FBI Official’s Political Bias Clouds Hillary Clinton and Mike Flynn Investigations, by John Hayward.

Breitbart News Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer … noted that in Washington “policy is personnel,” so the slow pace of Trump administration appointments has hindered the president’s ability to implement his policies while keeping much of the hostile Obama-era bureaucracy in place.

“If Hillary had won, the bureaucracy — the sort of faceless people that are making all kinds of decisions about regulation, about taxation, about the tax-exempt status of organizations — those people have a lot of power. There’s no question that the composition of the regulatory state, of the Deep State, would have been very different had Hillary Clinton been elected rather than Donald Trump,” he said. …

“In other words, what Comey had originally written, that Hillary Clinton was grossly negligent, that calls for criminal prosecution because you’ve committed a crime. But the language being changed [by Peter Strzok] to ‘extremely careless’ now suddenly means that’s not something you can be prosecuted for. There are other examples of where the language is shaded,” he said.

“What makes this so interesting is of course that it’s now been found that this FBI official was sending anti-Trump tweets to somebody else that was involved in the investigation or worked at the FBI, who was a trial attorney, expressing his opinions on Trump,” Schweizer noted. “Look, if you work in the FBI you are allowed to have opinions, but those opinions can shade and affect the manner in which you look at things. That’s really something that needs to be taken into account.”

“Reverse this for a second,” he suggested. “Imagine if this FBI official was wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and sending that picture around to everybody. Everybody would look at that and say, ‘This is not the guy that should be investigating Hillary Clinton.’

Once an organization goes partisan left, it cannot be trusted or rescued so it has to be disbanded. The FBI, the Australian ABC, ….

A reader writes:

I think it has reached that point. The Mueller investigation is full of corruption and investigators that donated to Hillary. It is the elite’s way from both parties to overturn the election. Corruption now touches the FBI. Comey should be investigated and prosecuted. The Hillary investigation was rigged from the start.

The Mueller investigation may originate from the “dossier” that enabled law enforcement agencies to spy on Obama’s political enemies. That document was funded by the DNC and/or Hillary.

The IRS was weaponized to go after Obama’s political opponents.

Obama abused his power in using government resources to go after his political opponents. It would seem that the operative principle of progress democrats has become the ends justify the means.

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