What would Pocahontas do?

What would Pocahontas do? By Taki Theodoracopulos.

From all appearances, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is a white woman — a homely, shrill, mannish, unpleasant, humorless, ball-busting white woman — but a white woman nonetheless. Yet she insists she is the only Injun lady in the Senate.

While campaigning in 2012, much was made of the fact that she may have received favorable treatment in the Harvard Law School admissions process after claiming to be descended from Cherokee and Delaware Indians based on nothing more than family legend and the fact that she once plagiarized crabmeat recipes for a Native American Cookbook called Pow Wow Chow. She also insisted that she was descended from the noble red folk who once roamed these lands shirtless while sitting atop horses by noting that her grandfather “had high cheekbones like all of the Indians.”

But according to Cherokee genealogists — and everyone knows how vengeful they can be:

The team and I have done an exhaustive search on the genealogy of Elizabeth Warren. We have researched ALL of her ancestral lines, but have only posted those she claimed were Indian here in the blog. None of her direct line ancestors are ever shown to be anything other than white, dating back to long before the Trail of Tears.

Because he is much funnier than Elizabeth Warren, Donald Trump has taken to calling her “Pocahontas,” which causes many people to poop their diapers and call for the president to be assassinated. As we all know, it’s far more racist to mock a white person for pretending to be nonwhite than it is for a white person to adopt a “symbolic identity” that enables them to escape the sort of endless guilt complexes they’d needlessly heap upon themselves if they were to just be honest and admit that, yeah, they’re white.

Being “white” is so untrendy now in PC circles:

Because so many white people don’t realize that you can never be “not racist” enough so long as you’re white, it makes us feel warm inside to see a woman who’s actually a member of Cherokee Nation taking Warren to task for clumsily attempting to wear redface.

I am a Cherokee woman. Elizabeth Warren is not,” squawks a squaw with the decidedly palefaced name of Rebecca Nagle, who could easily pass for a Dago or a Frog, or maybe even a Mick.

We don’t care which one is a “real” Injun and which is merely a “Pretendian.” We’re happy just to see them clawing at one another.

PC fantasy land is insane. Shame they run the world.