Rogue Tasmanian wombat killed

Rogue Tasmanian wombat killed, by Ethan James.

A rogue wombat which routinely terrorised people at a sleepy Tasmanian beachside township has been caught and killed over fears for public safety.

The combative marsupial was attacking adults and children near Weymouth in the state’s north, according to the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Spokesman Ben Davidson said a number of people had reported a specific wombat displaying “aggressive behaviour”.

One person was taken to hospital after an attack.

“Thought it must have been a dog. It was only when it started scratching at my leg that I realised it was a wombat,” one of the animal’s victims told The Australian.

“One bloke had his right toe injured … it chewed through the sock.

“Someone else had his trousers chewed through.”

Wow. Chewed through a sock, and some trousers. Not a peep out of the Greens.

Sharks chew right through legs, and more. They kill people.

So how come the Greens won’t allow sharks to be killed, but it’s ok to kill a wombat annoying Tasmanians? Are people in Tasmania special? We all know Greens discriminate furiously (e.g. Aboriginal good, white males bad, Christians beyond the pale), but what’s their excuse this time?

hat-tip Barry Corke