Milo Yiannopoulos finds number one Aussie fan in Alan Jones

Milo Yiannopoulos finds number one Aussie fan in Alan Jones, by Rhian Deutrom.

Far-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos may have found his number one Australian fan in Alan Jones this morning, following a bizarre 14-minute interview in which the pair espoused the values of far-right conservatism and descended into random fits of giggles. …

Mr Jones spent the majority of the interview fawning over his guest, praising his efforts to improve conservative free speech and describing him as “brilliantly gifted and provocative”.

Mr Yiannopoulos said his tour promoters had struggled to find a venue that would allow him to hold his talks, or a hotel that would allow him to stay, claiming he couldn’t throw enough money at hotels “to allow me to stay in them”.

“From a hotel point of view it’s a property damage thing, from a venue point of view, they’re worried because the left holds this Damoclean sword over the heads of anyone who will allow conservatives to speak,” he said.

“The left will say ‘we will associate your brand, venue with the worst conceivable crimes, with neo-nazism and pedophiles, and we will attempt to associate your name with the most evil and depraved things in life’”.

He called the left a political system of “allegations” used to bully and intimidate.

hat-tip Stephen Neil