Hollywood’s wrong values

Hollywood’s wrong values, by Taki Theodoracopulos.

Here we are in the grip of a sexual counterrevolution, with stories of abuse and harassment being believed and alleged abusers and harassers being thrown to the wolves without a trial. Yet at the same time, Hollywood chooses to go all-out for a movie by the name of Call Me by Your Name, the story of a 24-year-old man seducing an underage 17-year-old boy and the love affair that follows. I haven’t seen it (nor do I plan to), but I could not avoid reading about it and hearing the usual suspects going ape over it.

In other words, doing it with a youngster of the same sex is okay, but undressing and being suggestive in front of a mature woman is not, especially if she’s an aspiring thespian. It’s okay if it’s gay, is the obvious motto. But then what about a great actor like Kevin Spacey? … Without him, House of Cards is House of Crap, even if the divine Robin Wright, whom I once tried to steal a kiss from, is on it.

Hollywood’s false and wrong values continue to reverberate throughout our culture. These values have corrupted our sensibilities and have blighted our souls. They have made the bad guys look good and the good ones look very, very bad. Looking through recent American contributions to culture, I find only nihilistic impulses and bogus rhetoric about liberation and other very tired subjects. …

Give me Jerry Lee Lewis any day, the great pianist/singer who married a 13-year-old and when visiting London and asked her age by intrusive British hacks, answered, “Thirteen and a few weeks, and she’s mah first cousin.” That’s what I love about America, not our highly praised cultural heroes of the ’60s but the blue-collar workers in the South of the country — in other words, the deplorables. …

What makes one loathe the left in general is the hypocrisy involved. Every bicoastal cultural wannabe thinks anybody who voted for The Donald is a yahoo who sleeps with his sister and wants to reintroduce slavery. The fact that slavery exists in Africa today doesn’t seem to bother the wannabes. Worse, it doesn’t seem to bother African-Americans, who complain nonstop, refuse to stand for the national anthem, and take Muslim names. Half the pros in American sports are called Jamal or Mohammed. The fact that Arabs enslaved them and then shipped them and sold them does not count. Nor does it matter that talking about blacks enslaving other blacks as I write this is in itself considered racist. As the drunk said to the sheriff when he woke up in a cell, something’s very wrong here.