Same-sex marriage: religious liberty sacrificed to political ambition

Same-sex marriage: religious liberty sacrificed to political ambition, by Angela Shanahan.

The political landscape is verging on chaos because of the ambition of Malcolm Turnbull and his lefty acolytes in the Liberal Party.

In their desire to prop up a failed government and a hubristic Prime Minister who wants to make his mark on history they have proved, by opposing the amendments for religious liberty in relation to the introduction of same-sex marriage, that they are small political creatures who know no history. They leave conservative voters nowhere to go.

It’s not just same-sex marriage. If the Liberal Party continues to be the team B of political correctness — the team A is the Labor Party, obviously — how does one vote against PC? Most voters reject some or all of the PC fantasies, because we can usually spot when we are being sold an unrealistic vision. So who can we vote for?

Sure, the media has trained the conservatives to act PC. The deal is that politicians, who hunger for media exposure, only get in the media if they say something the media wants to say itself — i.e. something PC. Or, they get in the media, but are given very harsh treatment and made an example of, if they say something the media don’t want to hear — something anti-PC. The media thus trains the politicians, even the conservative ones, to appear to promote the narrative.

That’s understandable if regrettable. But where do we find some competent people to vote for who won’t appease the media and become PC ten minutes after elected? Too often, once they start enjoying the power and perks of being a politician and figure they really want to hang onto the job, they start saying what the media wants them to say.

hat-tip Stephen Neil