Support for Free Speech: It’s an IQ Thing

Support for Free Speech: It’s an IQ Thing, by Steve Sailer.

Audacious Epigone has a great post on what demographic traits correlate most with support for freedom of speech in the long-running General Social Survey.

He’s hit the motherlode trait for broadly defending free speech: vocabulary or IQ. The GSS includes a 10 word vocabulary test whose results correlate surprisingly well with a full-scale IQ test. To avoid the problem of immigrants having a smaller English vocabulary, he restricted the sample to 12,370 individuals born in U.S. and who were surveyed in this century. That’s a spectacular correlation. …

In any case, this graph supports an intuition I’ve had for some time: the academics who complain the most about how they are exhausted from all the emotional labor they must do fending off all the racist microaggressions on campus generally sound kind of stupid for college professors.

Free speech absolutism, by The Audacious Epigone.

Free speech is a high-IQ white and Jewish male thing. The double-digit IQ browning of America — the one Ben Shapiro doesn’t care about — is creating a society increasingly characterized by restrictions on free expression with the likely eventual criminalization of speech deemed insufficiently woke.

Parenthetically, libertarianism is also a high-IQ white and Jewish male thing. Open borders are a disaster for libertarianism, which is why it has become an ideological pipeline from mainstream cuckery to the dissident right.

Some libertarians like Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Stefan Molyneux, Jeff Deist, and Lew Rockwell get this, but most of them do not. The last of the clueless libertarians (hi, Bryan Caplan!) who do not get it will be beaten to death with a copy of Human Action that a vibrant New American, unencumbered by the NAP, just stole from him.