Why Liberals Can’t Do Art Criticism Any More

Why Liberals Can’t Do Art Criticism Any More, by Mark Hemingway.

In art, as in life, anyone with a developed sense of morality has to confront situational examples and modeled behavior where people make mistakes and have tragic flaws, then make judgments separating the good behavior from the bad.

Yet for 50 years popular entertainment has been a one-way cultural ratchet designed to make once damnable behavior more acceptable.

Liberals haven’t wanted stimulating and provocative art that forces too much self-examination of their own actions. They want art that reinforces their mores, while simultaneously afflicting people who disagree with their politics, which are far too often indistinguishable from their artistic sensibilities.

A friend of mine has long joked that since Hollywood makes so few films that don’t appeal to liberal themes, “a conservative is someone who thinks Easy Rider had a happy ending.”