Your Government’s Debt Per Person

Your Government’s Debt Per Person. This is just the debt for the national governments — it excludes state and local government debts, and personal debts such as mortgages, credit cards, and student and auto loans.

National governments, and those who lent to them, expect to governments to be able to raise this money from their population in order to pay back their debts, eventually. Remember, this debt is per person — so multiply up accordingly to the size of your family. Also keep in mind that only about 50% of working age adults in western countries pay more in tax than they receive in benefits from government.

It’s never going to be repaid, is it? And when interest rates return to their normal rate of 6% (that’s the central bank rate, a bit higher for mortgages), how are governments going to afford the interest on their debt? Just as well they can print their own money, eh?