Australian courts see no need to rule on kids switching gender

Australian courts see no need to rule on kids switching gender, by Nicola Berkovic.

Children will be able to access irreversible hormone treatment to change their gender without seeking court approval following a landmark Family Court judgment. …

The head of adolescent medicine and gender services at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Michelle Telfer, said the decision was “the greatest advancement in transgender rights for children and adolescents in Australia”. …

Australia was until now the only country in the world that required court involvement for stage 2 treatment, which involves the administering of hormones orally or via injections. It can cause long-term infertility and irreversible physical changes, such as breast growth in those transitioning to female, and hair growth, clitoral enlargement and deepening of the voice in those transitioning to male.

Stage 1 treatment, which involves the use of “puberty blockers”, is considered reversible. It is administered from early puberty, which can be age nine to 12. Court approval for stage 1 treatment has not been required since 2013.

Stage 3 treatment involves surgical intervention but the court is rarely involved because it usually occurs after a person turns 18.

hat-tip Stephen Neil