The Great Global Warming Scam Began with the Nazis…

The Great Global Warming Scam Began with the Nazis…, by James Delingpole. Sounds crazy at first, but I’ve seen a very arguable case before.

In his new book Green Tyranny, [Rupert] Darwall tells a story so extraordinary and implausible that it’s no wonder most of the mainstream media has been too scared to touch it.

The bottom line: it all started with the Nazis.

Yes, I know. It sounds so click-baity, doesn’t it?

That’ll be why even those journals and writers that have reviewed the book favorably have tended to steer clear of the key chapter in Darwall’s book. The one mischievously titled ‘Europe’s First Greens’.

Europe’s First Greens were, of course, the Nazis.

The documentary evidence provided by Darwall is irrefutable, for this is a considered, well-researched and scholarly work not a potboiler.

What Darwall demonstrates is that the ideology driving the current climate scare originated in Hitler’s Germany. …

Nazis – though similar in so many ways to their fellow totalitarians the Communists – had at least one major point of difference with Marxist ideology: they feared and loathed industrial progress and they worshipped nature. … The Fuhrer … was as big a Gaia worshipper as even Naomi Klein or Emma Thompson or Leonardo di Caprio.

As Hitler thought, so did the Nazi intelligentsia. Many of them were vegetarians and, like Rudolf Hess and Agriculture Minister Walter Darre were big fans of organic farming. The party was fiercely anti-smoking (even though the Germans continued to smoke fanatically so long as tobacco was available). They were also massively into “renewable” energy, especially wind, tidal power and hydroelectric. …

Darwall doesn’t mince his words:

The Nazis’ profound hostility to capitalism and their identification with nature-politics led them to advocate green policies half a century before any other political party. As an approximation, subtract Nazi race-hate, militarism and desire for world conquest, and Nazi ideology ends up looking not dissimilar to today’s environmental movement.

What Darwall goes on to demonstrate is how this mindset, unabated by the defeat of Nazi Germany, continued to dominate European political thought. This was especially so in the two countries most responsible for promulgating the climate change scare: Sweden and Germany. …

You’ll have to read Darwall’s book for the full, rather complicated story. By the end you’ll have an answer to perhaps the most puzzling of the many questions about the global warming industry: why, given the scientific evidence is so flimsy, does it carry on pushing its cause so fervently?

The answer is simple: because “global warming” is not about “the science” and never was about “the science.”

Like the “acid rain” scare and the “nuclear winter” scare, the man-made global warming scare is a fake news story designed to push a political and economic agenda.

At the bottom of that agenda is the same superstitious fear the Nazis had: that industrial progress is morally wrong because it is against Nature.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific