Sam Dastyari the torchbearer for everything wrong with Australian politics

Sam Dastyari the torchbearer for everything wrong with Australian politics, by Caroline Overington.

How dumb do you have to be, when you’re a member of the Australian parliament, to discuss with a private citizen with links to the Communist Party of China that they might be under covert surveillance?

That their phone could be bugged?

That Australian security services could be watching them?

How dumb do you have to be to lie to journalists about what you said at a China-backed function where half the attendees, yourself included, are probably subject to the same bugging? …

Dastyari is the torchbearer for everything that is wrong with the Australian political system, especially on Labor’s side of the fence.

He is a party hack.

He gets his spot in the Senate by virtue of his position on the NSW ticket. He doesn’t even have to campaign, or be accountable to an electorate.

He has previously admitted to taking money from Chinese donors to cover outstanding travel bills.

For some reason, he couldn’t see how that might put him in their debt, literally, or how such a gesture may lead them to believe, in a Labor-led future, that they have some influence over him, real or imagined?

Remember the press conference he gave at the time, promising to answer every question about his links to China honestly?

Now it turns out that he wasn’t even a little bit honest about what he has privately been telling the Chinese about their desire for world domination, first stop South China Sea. …

Labor can’t boot him out of the Senate but Shorten should certainly sack him from the Labor Party and leave him to languish on the cross bench.