Cool reception as JJJ moves its Hottest 100

Cool reception as JJJ moves its Hottest 100, by Emily Ritchie.

ABC radio station Triple J is facing a backlash over its decision to move the Hottest 100 away from Australia Day, with Communications Minister Mitch Fifield warning that the national broadcaster should “not mess” with the national day.

The youth-focused station yesterday announced its popular music countdown instead would be broadcast across the fourth weekend in January each year because of indigenous concerns that the national day is held on January 26, which commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Port Jackson in 1788. …

“The constant push to politicise and delegitimise Australia Day being held on 26 January is pathetic and out of step with most Australians’ views,” [Liberal Senator Alex Hawke] said.

The Hottest 100, which charts listeners’ favourite songs from the previous year, has been held on January 26 for almost two decades. This year the station conducted two listener surveys and canvassed the opinions of music industry professionals and indigenous groups, saying a majority of respondents favoured a change of date.

Supporting the move of Australia day away from Jan 26 has become a method of virtue signaling for the PC crowd. Therefore they won’t stop agitating until the day is moved — whereupon they’ll have to congregate around something else to show who’s the most virtuous.