UK Football Clubs Unveil ‘Non-Binary’ Prefix For Trans Fans Ahead Of ‘LGBT Fixture’

UK Football Clubs Unveil ‘Non-Binary’ Prefix For Trans Fans Ahead Of ‘LGBT Fixture’, by Virginia Hale.

Both teams said that supporters who “[do] not wish to be identified by traditional gender categories” can opt for the transgender-friendly ‘Mx’, in a statement ahead of a “designated LGBT fixture” between the clubs at the Liberty Stadium this weekend. …

On, the news was greeted with a mixed response from Swansea fans, with the club’s show of support for “non-binary” people branded “Marxist Communist nonsense” by one user, while another quipped that the team “will be playing in skirts soon”. …

The announcement came ahead of LGBT pressure group Stonewall’s “Rainbow Laces” campaign, which runs between November 24 and December 3, in which sporting bodies across the UK “come out for equality” by promoting LGBT lifestyles.

Over this weekend, every fixture for the English Football League, Premier League, Aviva Premiership Rugby and the Scottish Professional Football League will be championing Rainbow Laces. …

UKIP Education Spokesman David Kurten warned the campaign is symptomatic of a worrying trend in Britain, telling Breitbart London that: “No area of society seems to be immune to the push by militant transgender activists and the equality and diversity industry to deconstruct and dissolve the scientific fact that there are two biological sexes: male and female.

“Most people are asking: ‘where will this end?’ The truth is that ‘progressivism’ will never end until cultural Marxism has swept away family, nation, Christianity, male, female, and everything which gives people identity.”

So now it’s Mr, Ms, and Mx. How long before Ms and Mr go the way of Mrs and Miss?

hat-tip Stephen Neil