The Girl’s Guide to Tucking Your Dick

The Girl’s Guide to Tucking Your Dick, by Diana Tourjee. Progressives bring us progress in unexpected ways.

Thousands of chicks with dicks live in the United States. (I know because I’m one of them.) You ask us for tampons in the women’s bathroom, and at the gym, you lust after us as we sprint on the treadmill. We are your best friend, your client, and the girl you swiped right on Tinder ten minutes ago. We are everywhere.

The idea that genitalia equal gender is inaccurate. According to a National Center for Transgender Equality report published in 2011, two out of three trans women haven’t had sex reassignment surgery. Many trans girls obsessively curate their aesthetic to erase the fact that they once lived as men. Though transitioning is a form of self-expression and acceptance, the anxiety to pass as a cisgender woman is partly produced by the general public’s lack of understanding about trans issues.

Sex altering rituals range from expensive surgical procedures to superficial tricks like tucking your dick between your legs. Tucking is cheap and simple – -and it’s a way to protect you from violent bigots who refuse to believe penises don’t define gender. Many people tuck as a safety measure; most of us don’t pass flawlessly as cisgender, and its often dangerous to be perceived as trans. For trans women who feel turmoil about their bodies, tucking can also a stopgap until they can afford to fly to Thailand for surgery. … Countless other women love their dicks and tuck primarily for a streamlined aesthetic. Tucking can feel liberating — as if you have a say over your body and how it is perceived for the first time.

People learn the skill from a variety of sources. … I learned the hard way how to tuck properly. … After several painful experiences and dutiful research, I learned proper form. My knowledge is compiled here so that no woman has to go through what I did in order to tuck her dick. …

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Many women wear a pair or two of very tight panties, but some people opt for specialty items like “gaffs.” These are old-school synthetic fiber panties designed to hold the tucked dick in place. Put them on like any other pair of underwear and then just pull those panties up until they’re hugging the pelvis, creating a smooth groin.