For the third time in two weeks migrant riots in ‘hellhole’ Brussels

For the third time in two weeks migrant riots in ‘hellhole’ Brussels, by Voice of Europe.

More Riots in Brussels today. During a demonstration against slavery in the Belgian capital, the situation escalated completely. It’s the third time in two weeks that police lost control over the city’s centre.

According to Belgian news sources the demonstration of “Africa Liberation” started peacefully at about 2 pm. After a while thugs started destroying and plundering stores in the city centre.

At least one police vehicle and several stores were damaged during the riots. A helicopter, a water cannon and several police forces were needed to take back control. …

Two weeks ago there were riots in the city after a Moroccan football match and ten days ago after a flash mob.

The number of military age African and Muslim males, from different cultures and not assimilating, is increasing in Europe. They are presumably looking to exert their influence and increase their own authority. What will Brussels be like in 10 years time? 20?