Bannon Mocks Macron and Merkel as the ‘Ken and Barbie’ of Globalism

Bannon Mocks Macron and Merkel as the ‘Ken and Barbie’ of Globalism, by Jack Montgomery.

The former White House Chief Strategist contrasted the globalist vision of the two Europeans with the economic nationalism advocated by President Trump.

“I think economic nationalism is what binds us together,” Bannon explained. “It doesn’t matter your race, it doesn’t matter your ethnicity, it doesn’t matter your religion, it doesn’t matter your skin colour, it doesn’t matter your gender, it doesn’t matter your sexual preference — what matters is, are you a citizen of the American Republic? And if you are, you’re going to get preference.” …

Bannon observed that citizens have “many obligations and duties” to their countries, and that, consequently, national leaders have an obligation to put them first.

“When it comes to jobs, we’re going to protect our borders, we’re going to stop the amount of illegal immigration coming into the country … and by that way, make more opportunities for American citizens,” he asserted.

hat-tip Stephen Neil