The misguided politics of virtue signalling

The misguided politics of virtue signalling, by Corrine Barraclough.

Take, this week, Royal Australian Air Force as one example of many.

On Monday they posted, “We choose to take a stand against violence against women…” in support of White Ribbon Day (looming).

Three, two, one – and that attempt at virtue signalling is fiercely ablaze.

Most liked comment? “And do you take a stand against violence against men?”

Followed by, “I missed your promotion of international men’s day…” (November 19).

Then, “Where’s the support for men who are stripped of their kids against their will by the family courts due to unsubstantiated claims from vindictive women…”

And, “You missed international men’s day… Let’s stamp out ALL domestic violence, including elder abuse and violence against children & men. I will buy a white ribbon when it means everyone stop being aggressive towards the people you should cherish.”

Another stand out, “This comments section really gives me hope. People dislike bigotry and the white ribbon are huge perpetrators of just that…”

Virtue signalling is rather awkward when you are signalling to your waving, smiling friends who line your increasingly untrusted echo chamber.