John Alexander: Liberal candidate for Bennelong by-election apologises for rape joke video

John Alexander: Liberal candidate for Bennelong by-election apologises for rape joke video, by the ABC.

The Liberal candidate for a crucial by-election in Sydney that could threaten the Federal Government’s majority has apologised after a video of him telling racist jokes emerged. …

In the video, which was posted on YouTube in 2011, John Alexander can be heard telling a joke about rape and making racial quips to fellow customers at a Brisbane pub in the 1990s. …


In a statement, Mr Alexander said his jokes were “completely unacceptable”.

“More than 20 years ago I told crude and inappropriate jokes, which were completely unacceptable and I apologise unreservedly,” he said. …

Set to be held on December 16, the Bennelong by-election looms as crucial for the Turnbull Government, which would lose its majority if the seat falls to Labor. ..

Speaking in Eastwood, where he was campaigning with Ms Keneally, Labor leader Bill Shorten said: “The comments are crass, they’re wrong, they’re stupid, and the apology is 22 years too late.”

He said Labor had not dredged up the video to damage Mr Alexander’s campaign.

Jo writes:

Who’s a target for the ABC? John Alexander told a few jokes 20 years ago which were crude but not shockingly inappropriate at the time. But now they are doing laps of YouTube. Alexander is apologizing for them. Enough said.  Was anyone offended on the day?

Why is this “news”? If the ABC liked him they’d be showing shots of him winning prizes for Australia in tennis.

Will the ABC show videos of candidates mocking deplorables, low IQ, or blue-collar workers?

By 2020 will anyone be able to tell a joke anywhere?

hat-tip Joanne