Roy Moore’s Lying Accuser Admits He Didn’t Ever Touch Her

Roy Moore’s Lying Accuser Admits He Didn’t Ever Touch Her, by William Farrow.

Liberals have been attacking Judge Roy Moore relentlessly after a fishy story surfaced alleging that he sexually abused a 14-year-old girl decades and decades ago when the now-76 year old man was in his early 30s. …

After the publicity began to die down and Harley Hannah, Moore’s accuser, … finally admitted the truth during an interview on MSNBC.

“It was like a bad dream,” she told host Dan Fitzpatrick. “I don’t really remember what happened but my mind filled in the gaps.”

“So you don’t actually know what happened?” Fitzpatrick pressed.

“I don’t remember everything that happened, but I know it,” Hannah replied.

“It doesn’t sound like you have much of an idea what Judge Moore actually did to you,” the interviewer responded as Hannah broke down in tears.

There you have it. Nothing to see here. She lied, plain and simple. This is all the proof you, the American people, need to know that Moore was just the victim of a smear campaign.

So it appears that the whole story was probably bogus after all, a leftist lie to win a crucial special election. It almost worked. Expect more of this sort of thing in the future, while the left control the media and believe their ends justify the means.

hat-tip Charles