No fury like a same-sex voter scorned

No fury like a same-sex voter scorned, by Andrew Burrell.

The angry, foul-mouthed phone calls to Liberal MP Andrew Hastie’s electorate office started soon after the results of the same-sex marriage survey were declared last Wednesday.

Then came a deluge of abusive emails, tweets and Facebook messages from victorious same-sex marriage advocates that have shocked the usually unflappable Mr Hastie and his staff — some of whom voted Yes in the survey.

Many are furious over Mr Hastie’s controversial decision — flagged months ago — to abstain from voting on the issue in parliament even though his own electorate of Canning, south of Perth, returned a 60 per vote in favour of same-sex marriage. For this he has repeatedly been labelled a “homophobe” and a “coward”. …

One of the politically correct delusions is that the left are more compassionate and that their opponents are haters who indulge in hate speech. Reality is quite different of course:

One anonymous correspondent emailed Mr Hastie’s office: “Listen you f..king maggot. You are there to carry out the wishes of your electorate & not to enforce your own homophobic & bigoted views. Don’t be a c… Vote for it in parliament.”

Even a reporter from a local newspaper expressed her fury with the MP.

“F..k you Hastie,” wrote Rachel Fenner, using her maiden name of Steward, as she shared a story on Facebook by her paper, the Mandurah Coastal Times, about the MP’s decision to abstain from voting. …

In a separate comment on Mr Hastie’s Facebook page, Fenner said of the deeply religious MP: “Thank you for letting your imaginary friend and a book of fables written 2000 years ago dictate your actions instead of the people you were voted in to represent.”

Nick Kapirnas also joined the debate on Mr Hastie’s Facebook page. “You are a useless piece of shit Hastie,” he wrote. “You don’t deserve to be in your seat.”

Facebook user Tyron Gore chipped in with: “Hastie is an arrogant bigoted fool who needs to ­either do the right thing and represent the majority in his electorate or resign as a coward and a failure of a man and politician.” …

Are the Labor MPs who represent the Muslim seats in SW Sydney, which voted “no”, getting the same ire for not representing their electorate’s views in the upcoming vote, in which they will of course vote yes? Of course not.

Mr Hastie declined to comment yesterday. But he has told friends it has been the most brutal week he has experienced since he entered parliament at a by-election in 2015. A spokesman said the MP respected the outcome of the survey, which is why abstaining was the most appropriate action. …

“Andrew Hastie needs to look deep within his psyche. He’d rather kill another man than kiss them,” wrote Facebook user Alan Gordon.

We may need more men like that again sometime.

The left activists have long got their way with a simple proposition: Do as I say or I’ll be rude and obnoxious. I’ll bet they’d fold easily if anyone was consistently rude and obnoxious back again, but that hasn’t happened for decades. If they persist and ramp it up, as they have been doing for the last decade, eventually their opponents will push back — and the left will be the first to say their opponents “started it”.

When truth is systematically disparaged, and a sense of responsibility due to the possibility of an afterlife and a greater context is explicitly denied, life simply becomes a brutish no-holds-barred struggle to get what you want — which is where the left is now. We’ve all heard their battle-cry: “What do we want? <issue of the day> When do we want it? Now!”

hat-tip Stephen Neil