Hipster racist Lena Dunham embodies the myth of white liberal ‘tolerance’

Hipster racist Lena Dunham embodies the myth of white liberal ‘tolerance’, by Jeremy Hunt.

There are few interactions more entertaining than when a white liberal meets a black conservative. So many of their sweeping generalizations of conservatives being racists just sound plain silly when they are face-to-face with someone who doesn’t match their expected profile.

On countless occasions, I’ve listened in amusement as a white liberal attempts to educate me, a black man, on how my beliefs are really just a tool for white supremacy. Instead of engaging in a dialogue about policy, they just expect me to give them a pat on the back for their “enlightened” views on race.

But I’ve found that for many of them, their baseless claims about conservatives often serve as a smoke screen for their own prejudice. It seems that those who flippantly hurl the accusation of racism to anyone who thinks differently from them tend to be the most likely perpetrators of it.

It’s difficult to find a more prime example than “Girls” creator and outspoken liberal, Lena Dunham. …

Dunham is just one example of how white liberals often claim the moral high ground on issues of race simply because of their political views—but privately care very little for minority struggles. …

It turns out that despite being a figurehead for liberal “tolerance,” Dunham has a troubling track record with people of color. …

“I’d call their strain ‘hipster racism’, which typically uses sarcasm as a cover, and in the end, it looks a lot like gaslighting—‘It’s just a joke. Why are you overreacting?’” Clemmons stated.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific