It Begins: YouTube Censors Christians, Bans ‘Russian Faith’

It Begins: YouTube Censors Christians, Bans ‘Russian Faith’, by David Curry.

Two weeks ago, I was summarily informed in a brief email from YouTube that our Russian Faith channel — on which we had spent hundreds of hours of hard work and which complements the Russian Faith website, which I own — had been ‘terminated.’ No reason was given other than a very general one which could mean anything.

Russian Faith is a new media project I started in September: a website, YouTube channel (now banned), Facebook, and Twitter – to cover Christian issues in general, and the huge story of the renaissance of Christianity in Russia.

This dramatic turn by both government and society in Russia is very important not just for Christians, but for the whole world, regardless of their religious views, because it has so many ramifications important to us Americans.

It should affect our foreign policy, and it contrasts with the hostility to Christian values in our own Western societies. It is a fact that Russia has emerged as the leading defender of world Christianity, and it is a disgrace that liberal forces in the US elites and the government are among Christianity’s most hostile foes — both at home and abroad.

Observing the Christian renaissance in Russia first hand while living there, I realized that this story is being badly misunderstood, misrepresented, and under-reported – another massive fail by the mainstream media. No surprises here. …

The rising censorship of non-PC views is recent:

The videos which were banned were of the most positive character – videos about love, sacrifice and charity, about honor and respect. YouTube banned them ALL – and most incredibly – refuses to explain why!

I have started and managed successful YouTube channels and understand the environment very well, and it is obvious to me that this is deliberate censorship. Blocking monetization, suppression of views, and manipulation of statistics, is a huge, persistent problem, and there has been a dramatic increase over the past two months across all the big tech platforms. …

I am very familiar with YouTube’s rules and guidelines, and I can say with absolute certainty that they discriminated against us, and treated us unfairly as if they were deliberately looking for a reason to shut us down.

The way it usually works is that if you do make a mistake, YouTube gives you a warning, which you can dispute – and only if you accumulate a certain number of these ‘strikes’, and are unable to disprove them, and refuse to take the videos down, does YouTube take the drastic measure of banning your channel.

We got no such warning and had not been notified of any ‘strikes’. The ban came out of the blue. …

We’ve decided to fight back – and have started a petition (sign below) and other measures.

hat-tip Stephen Neil