French academic: Create a Muslim state within France to avoid civil war

French academic: Create a Muslim state within France to avoid civil war, by Westmonster.

Professor Christian de Moliner claims that a second society has formed in France, which he described as: “A branch that wants to settle their lives on religious values and is fundamentally opposed to the liberal consensus on which our country was founded.

We can never convert the 30% of Muslims who demand the introduction of sharia law to the merits of our democracy and secularism.

“We are now allowing segregation to take place that does not say its name. Rather than veil the face or adopt unimaginable measures in democracy (remigration, forced evictions of the most radical), why not establish a dual system of law in France?”

De Moliner writes that Emmanuel Macron winning the Presidential election will not make the problems disappear, it will only kick the can down the road.

“We will never be able to eradicate the radical Islamism,” he says, adding: “While we are not yet at open war, the faithful of the Prophet are already regrouping in areas sometimes governed by special rules.”

The academic’s ‘solution’ is to create a “state inspired by colonial Algeria and Mayotte of the twentieth century: one territory, one government, but two peoples: the French with the usual laws and Muslims with Qur’anic status (but only for those who choose it).”

“The latter will have the right to vote unlike the natives of colonial Algeria, but they will apply Shariah in everyday life, to regulate matrimonial laws (which will legalize polygamy) and inheritance.”

“They will no longer apply to French judges for disputes between Muslims, but to Cadis. On the other hand, conflicts between Christians and believers will remain the responsibility of ordinary courts.” …

“This system worked without too many problems from 1890 to 1940 in Algeria.”

Is France already so far gone that this is the only hope for non-Muslims? Or maybe partition into two territoriality separate states? Islamic culture is too strong and resistant to change, and aims to convert all those around it by any means possible. Is this in store for our grandchildren?

Robert Spencer:

Unless there is some massive turnaround, this is coming. And then will come the jihad against the rump non-Muslim French state.

hat-tip Stephen Neil