Essential freedoms cannot survive in Australia if Liberals refuse to protect them

Essential freedoms cannot survive in Australia if Liberals refuse to protect them, by Jennifer Oriel.

In the rush to claim credit for the people’s vote on same-sex marriage, both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten dishonourably denied due credit to its architect, Tony Abbott. No one thanked ­Abbott for defending the people’s right to free speech even as he was vilified and physically assaulted during the gay marriage campaign.

Instead, PC elites who tried to deny democracy by censoring the people’s vote on same-sex marriage have resumed their war on freedom. Predictably, their hate speech is directed at the “white Christian conservative”. No word yet from the ABC about all the ­indigenous Australians, Muslims and Sikhs who voted against same-sex marriage. …

Behind closed doors, members of the Liberal left concede what they won’t admit in public; the ­finest leaders of the Liberal Party are conservative. …

Many people voted for same-sex marriage after the PM indicated he would prioritise religious freedom. Now Turnbull claims that restricting the right to freedom of religion and speech to the clergy “doesn’t impose any ­restrictions on religious practice or religious speech”. …

Freedom of speech is under attack by queer activists worldwide:

The militancy of some queer activists is the reason that same-sex marriage legislation must ­include freedom of speech and anti-detriment provisions. There are dozens of international cases where people of faith have been hauled before courts and tribunals after expressing support for traditional marriage.

In Australia, there are numerous examples of Christians being punished for freedom of speech, including biblical citation. The freedoms most under threat from militants are freedom of speech, religion and association. Recall the young woman fired from her job after posting support for traditional marriage on her Facebook page. Will MPs allow young Australians to be punished for expressing religious belief?

Internationally, the situation for people who express traditional or simply biologically accurate views on sex and sexuality is ­deteriorating. Schools are being used to enforce conformity to queer ideology. In Britain, the state failed a Jewish school’s ­assessment because it did not promote queer sexuality.

Parental consent is undermined by the PC state. A Canadian court ruled that a father could not withdraw his child from queer sexuality classes by being offered advance notice of them. Australian schools too have been sub­jected to a state-backed push for queer theory under the Safe Schools program.

hat-tip Stephen Neil