The fake debate about fake marriage

The fake debate about fake marriage, by Moses Apostaticus.

The fake marriage debate is not about the rights of homosexuals. It’s about the destruction of Western civilisation by a class of people programmed to hate it. Moreover, it’s happened before.

When the Chinese Cultural Revolution began at Peking University in 1966, it seemed just a localised event. Once the iconoclastic frenzy got official support from Mao, however, the wave of destruction spread to educational institutions across the country. From there it touched every facet of Chinese society.

By the time the revolutionary spasm of destruction had worn itself out five years later two million were dead, the heritage of the country had been all but destroyed and the social order of the nation had been entirely upended. Chinese culture has never recovered.

The same type of cultural revolution has now begun in the nations of the West. We are seeing statues defaced, place names being changed, marriage itself corrupted and little children sexualised by radical teachers determined to destroy what remains of Christian civilisation in this nation.

And just as with China’s Cultural Revolution, ground zero for ours is our educational institutions. …

The tactics that the postmodern left are using in their campaign for fake marriage reveal clearly what their true agenda is. While using rhetoric about love and the vicitimisation of homosexuals, they shut down dissenting views and hysterically silence even moderate voices.

Like all Marxists, the advocates for fake marriage plead victim while committing political violence. They cry out while they strike you. …

Marxist rhetoric about protecting the poor and vulnerable has always been a smokescreen for a cult of power which benefits a tiny, oligarchic elite.

Puppet politicians like Bill Shorten care about gays about as much as Richard Di Natale cares about trees. Their concern is feigned. They care only about power, and the destruction of traditional, Western civilisation in order to achieve it. …

The fake marriage agenda is not coming from the queers. They’re being used. This cultural revolution is coming from a ruling elite who understand how to deploy the Marxist agenda to gain power.

This elite is using a millennial generation utterly indoctrinated with cultural Marxist ideology to create a revolutionary vanguard who believe they are birthing a paradise of diversity and equality.

They aren’t, of course. These people are nuts. And just like those rabid radicals in China in the late 60’s, they will stop at nothing to bring about their utopian vision.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Debbie