Barbie Gets a Hijab, and Chelsea Clinton Destroyed

Barbie Gets a Hijab, by Christina Binkley.

The latest Barbie from the Shero line is modelled after the American fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad. …

When Mattel proposed a Barbie based on her, she wept. Muhammad made a few initial requests, including that the doll have big, strong legs, and that she wear dark eyeliner and the hijab — Barbie’s first. “It’s something I wear like I wear a shirt or I wear pants,” she said, adding that she hoped children would “take it off and try it on their other Barbies.” …

Muhammad, who won a bronze medal in team sabre at the Rio Olympics, in 2016, was largely pleased with the early version of the doll, which was dressed in a white padded fencing outfit from head to toe, with “Muhammad” printed in black block letters across the back. The helmet can be removed to reveal the hijab.

DUMB AS A BRICK=> Chelsea Clinton Celebrates New Sharia Law Barbie Doll – Gets DESTROYED on Twitter, by Gateway Pundit.

Staunch feminist Chelsea Clinton took to her Twitter account to celebrate the new Sharia compliant, hijab-wearing Barbie doll. …

Millions of women are abused and oppressed under Sharia law and Chelsea Clinton thinks it’s great! … Nothing says ‘breaking barriers’ like going back several centuries and treating women like property! Amirite, ladies?

We all know why the Clintons praise Islam. They receive millions of dollar from Middle Eastern countries so like the good puppets they are, they push Islam onto Americans.

Chelsea got pummeled on Twitter. Even a Middle Eastern man who claims to be one of her fans hammered her for her stupidity celebrating Sharia law: “Hijab is forced to 100 of millions of women across the world. It is a shame to romanticize it just because in your circle of friends you don’t have any of such women oppressed by misogynist Islamic societies” — Hamed Mogadam (@Hasamog) November 14, 2017

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific, Stephen Neil