ABC astonished and embarrassed by Muslims voting no

ABC astonished and embarrassed by Muslims voting no, by Andrew Bolt.

The ABC finds it “surprising” that electorates with big Muslim minorities voted no to gay marriage. The reporter explains that this is because the electorates are religiously and ethnically “diverse”. The “M” word is never mentioned, because that would associate a pet minority of the Left with views the Left despise.

Amazing level of obfuscation. Can there be any doubt that the ABC lies to us by omission?

Michael comments:

Nadia stands there with a straight face and proclaims she doesn’t know why the electorate voted no despite being in one dominated by followers of a religion that forbids homosexuality. It reminds me of Sadam’s comical Aly … standing there saying there were no sign of American troops whilst their tanks rolled past virtually in the background.

Wade comments:

The inner city Sydney electorates are enclaves of Eloi surrounded by hordes of Morlock.