Obama greens are running the Trump negotiating team at the UN climate summit

Obama greens are running the Trump negotiating team at the UN climate summit, by David Wojick.

Given President Trump’s momentous decision to leave the UN Paris Agreement, you would think that the State Department would send Trump people to the Bonn climate summit to represent US interests. You would be wrong. The US climate negotiator holding the top UN position there is an Obama hack named Andrew Rakestraw. …

Rakestraw’s radical green ideology is clear from his background, which is relatively recent since he only graduated with a law doctorate about six years ago. His subject was environmental law, at the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. Hastings is a very green law school, as you might expect given its location. It boasts about how its environmental law concentration is “helping save the planet” (via global green domination) and about its close ties with radical environmental groups. In fact, Rakestraw blogged for the radical Earthjustice while he was there. …

Andrew Rakestraw is certainly not the person to protect US interests. He is clearly a radical Obama era green and a friend of the Paris Pact fiasco. I doubt that Tillerson had anything to do with keeping him on.

More likely the State climate change group is simply defying the Trump Administration. This is similar to the way the US Global Change Research Program has defied the new Administration by issuing its wildly alarmist Climate Science Special Report.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific