Jacqui Lambie is a class act … a working class act

Jacqui Lambie is a class act … a working class act, by Caroline Overington.

Jacqui Lambie has paid tribute to her father as she tearfully announced her resignation from the Senate after discovering her UK citizenship by descent,

Jacqui Lambie gets the chop today, and that is a great shame for the parliament….

Any old parliament could turn up a Malcolm Turnbull or a Tony Abbott or a Julie Bishop or a Bill Shorten. They all went to the right schools. They all know the right people. They’ve all had the polish applied to their manners, and their mien.

But surely only the Australian system could turn up a Jacqui Lambie, and that makes our system the greatest in the world.

Lambie was elected to the Senate, this time around, by sheer force. She wanted it, she worked for it, she showed her face — her grit, her anger, that set jaw — to the Tasmanian people, and they liked what they saw.

Lambie is not connected. She doesn’t know any of the right people. She spent the first four of her parliamentary pay cheques paying off old credit card debt.

Lambie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. She isn’t polished. But what is polish? It’s just the veneer they whack on you in good homes and good schools, of which she was denied the benefit, through not fault of her own.

Lambie was Struggle Street. A high school dropout who joined the Army and raised her babies as a single Mum. Who got injured and had to fight for compensation. Who had been single for a decade when she was elected, and went on radio and talked about how she wanted a man with a “wad of cash” and a “package between his legs”. …

But when she speaks, it’s raw, and it’s heartfelt, and at least you know she believes it. With the rest of them, you can never quite be sure.

hat-tip Stephen Neil