Lamborghini creates world’s first ‘self-healing’ sports car

Lamborghini creates world’s first ‘self-healing’ sports car, by Nicola Harley.

Lamborghini has created the world’s first self-healing sports car. The Terzo Millennio, which translates as third millennium in Italian, has the ability to detect and repair cracks in its body work.

Using sensors the car can conduct its own health check to detect any damages and self-repair itself by filling the crack with nanotubes to prevent it spreading.

The super car was created in collaboration with researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. …

The all-electric car is powered by supercapacitors rather than conventional batteries. … The supercapacitors are made using carbon enabling them to be formed into the car’s body panels as they are smaller and lighter than conventional batteries.

Each of the car’s wheels includes its own integrated electric engine that glow as you drive.

This commentary is rather informative: