French politicians protest over Muslim street prayers in Paris

French politicians protest over Muslim street prayers in Paris, by the BBC.

About 100 French politicians have marched on a street in a Paris suburb in protest at Muslims holding Friday prayers in public.

The politicians, wearing tricolour sashes of office and singing the national anthem, disrupted about 200 worshippers on a street in Clichy.

Police kept the two groups apart but some scuffles broke out.

Critics say the prayers are an unacceptable use of public space in France’s strictly secular system.

The worshippers, however, say they have nowhere else to go since the town hall took over the room they used for prayers back in March.

One of the worshippers, named only as Abdelkader, told AFP news agency that … he resented the politicians singing the French national anthem during their protest.

“They were singing the Marseillaise, throwing it in our faces, even though we’re French people here. We’re French. Long live France!” he said.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific