Farmers must have guns to protect themselves, lawyer tells court

Farmers must have guns to protect themselves, lawyer tells court, by Bafana Nzimande.

This was stated by defence attorney Jeff Moyo at the Brits Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday while arguing for bail for his client‚ murder accused Matthew Benson. Benson faces a charge of murder and attempted murder linked to the disappearance of Tebogo Ndlovu who was allegedly shot by Benson while stealing oranges at the accused’s parents’ farm on August 2.

Ndlovu was with two friends at the time and they have pointed Benson out as the shooter.

“Farmers need to protect themselves. They need these guns because every day farmers are being killed in the farms. I am not saying it was right for somebody‚ as per [a] witness version‚ with a rifle to shoot at these three boys. I am saying it was right for him (Benson) to carry a pellet gun to threaten whoever comes into his farm to cause danger either to his property‚ family or himself‚” said Moyo. …

The accused has pleaded not guilty to the charges and told police that he never fired a shot on the day in question.

Hear about that on our ABC? Or what happened in Zimbabwe?

The left’s narrative is “Africa for backs, Asia for Asians, and white countries for everybody”, while to be white is to be racist and bad. Crazy stuff.

hat-tip Stephen Neil