Too Controversial to debate: IQ’s role in education

Too Controversial to debate: IQ’s role in education, by Justin Campbell.

Deplatforming has again become an issue after “Teach First” a UK not-for-profit organisation that recruits teachers from other academic disciplines removed an article by Toby Young director of the “New Schools Networks” arguing IQ was the single biggest predictor of student outcome and there were limits to what schools can do to overcome IQ inequity.

Teach First initially published the article with a rebuttal from Sonia Blandford. They later removed the article stating on Twitter:

We made a mistake. We published 2 blogs with opposing views as part of a recent debate on education. One was wrong. We’ve removed it. Sorry.

They replaced Young’s post with a longer explanation for why the article was removed. Stating that,

The aim was to drive debate. But we shouldn’t have published his blog, even with the rebuttal: it was against what we believe is true and against our values and vision. We apologise. Although we don’t want to provide a platform for those views we also don’t want to cover over our mistake, so this note also serves as a record. …

Here is the forbidden article.

Young’s deplatforming is reminiscent of the Bell Curve controversy where academic Charles Murray was heavily criticised and deplatformed because of the arguments in his book the Bell Curve. Much like Young’s article the Bell Curve questioned the role of IQ in education outcome and its relevance for broader society. In both cases people have not only argued that the arguments were wrong, but also morally repugnant.

On Twitter one person tweeted in response, “Genetic variation, natural ability, tablets to make you clever? I actually feel sick.” And another person tweeted, “I’m not convinced you want to find solutions. Perhaps you’re content with the elitist notion that the genes will decide.”

The idea that genetics and evolution lead to statistical differences between population of humans is anathema to PC belief. Plants yes, farm animals yes, and dogs definitely — but in leftist thought, humans are immune to genetics and instead follows the dictums of Marx.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific