Bill Nye, the carbon-theory promoting “science guy,” gets destroyed in Q&A forum

Bill Nye, the carbon-theory promoting “science guy,” gets destroyed in Q&A forum, by bpoag, a poster on Reddit.

Hi Bill,

I have a great way you can start.

Stop pretending you’re a scientist.

In science, we begin with facts. The facts show you have no formal science education beyond a Bachelors in mechanical engineering from Cornell. That’s it. Not even a Masters degree, let alone a Doctorate. You literally have no formal science education beyond an undergraduate degree. The facts also show that the whole “Science Guy” persona emerged out of a stand-up comedy routine you used to perform on local public-access TV back in the 80’s:

Good science requires valid data, so, here you go:

You’ve spent years parading around in a lab coat, even after your Disney series ended.. parading around in a way which makes most people, particularly children, think that you’re qualified to speak on matters you have no formal experience, education, or training on. For all intents and purposes, you’re a talented actor-comedian with an opinion who inserts himself into public dialogue…and that’s about it.

Good science also requires peer-review, so, here you go:

If I walked around in scrubs, hung a stethoscope around my neck, and called myself “Bpoag the Medicine Guy”, I would be a considered complete fraud, would I not? Even though some of my opinions and observations might be correct, I’m still not a physician… Nor should I be considered one. I’m simply not qualified to speak in that realm, let alone make decisions, let alone attempt to guide public policy. …

Good science demands, here you go:

We’ve all observed your “science guy” persona, yet, you intentionally avoid telling people you’re playing a character. You have allowed the illusion to persist for decades that you are an expert on science issues in the public eye, and have undoubtedly made a pretty good living off of this deception. Worse, instead of saying, “Well, truth is, iI’m not an expert, but I can defer to someone who is..”, you have placed yourself squarely in the middle of purposeful scientific debate on important issues, rather than allow the spotlight to fall on those who actually do know what they’re talking about. As a result, you constitute nothing but noise and distraction to actual scientists, and actual experts.

Good science demands testability and repeatability, as well. Here you go:

This very post, the one i’m commenting on. One of many you’ve done, one of many appearances you’ve made over the years, promoting your “science guy” persona. You’ve been called out repeatedly, but still insist on inserting yourself into public affairs, occupying a place at a table you have no business sitting at.
You want to put an end to “unscientific thinking”? Start here, Bill. As hard as it is to stomach, science is about honesty. If you want to “save the world”, start with yourself. I think people would be more welcoming of someone owning up to past mistakes and misrepresentations than welcoming of a guy who continues trying to perpetuate a decades-long fraud for personal gain.

Similar things could be said about some of the other promoters of the carbon dioxide theory of global warming.